René Izquierdo 

New Latin American Music for the Guitar



Wednesday, November 13
Old Town School of Folk Music, Maurer Hall

Synopsis, Program & Biography


A virtuoso guitar player, René Izquierdo, with his refined instrumental technique and exquisite taste with his interpretations, will take us through a musical journey to hear some of the best and most representative guitar scores created by generations of Latin American composers.


New Latin American Music for Guitar and String Quartet

– Guajira a Mi Madre                                Antonio Rojas (1921-2008)

-Preludios Epigramáticos                         Leo Brouwer(1939)

       Desde que el Alba

       Tristes Hombres

       Alrededor de tu Piel

       Ríe que todo Ríe 

       Me Cogiste el Corazón 

       Llegó con tres Heridas

– Zapateo Cubano                                    Traditional with arrangement by Leo Brouwer

– Ojos Brujos                                            G. Roig (1890-1970) arranged by Leo Brouwer

– El Arroyo que Murmura                          J. Ankerman (1877-1941) arranged by Leo Brouwer

-Drume Negrita                                         E. Grenet (1908-1981)

– Perla Marina                                           S. Garay (1867-1968)

– Mirándote                                               E. Martín (1956)

– La Comparsa                                         E. Lecuona (1895-1963)

Five Cuban Contradanzas

– Los Ojos de Pepa                                  M. Samuel I. Cervantes (1847-1905)

-El Velorio                         

-Adios a Cuba

-El Mensaje

-Los Tres Golpes

– Elogio de la Danza                                 Leo Brouwer




René Izquierdo, a native from Cuba, graduated with a degree in guitar performance from the Amadeo Roldán Conservatory and Superior Institute of Art in Havana, Cuba. In the United States, Mr. Izquierdo earned a Master of Music and an Artist Diploma degrees from Yale University, School of Music, where he studied with Benjamin Verdery. Mr. Izquierdo is a recipient of numerous awards. He is currently a professor of classical guitar at the Wisconsin State University in Milwaukee and an active solo performer and chamber musician.