Baroque Ensemble & Emanuele Andrizzi, Conductor – San Ignacio: Ópera de las misiones jesuíticas

Sunday, November 6, 2016, 2:00 pm
The Art Institute of Chicago, Fullerton Hall


$15 Nonmembers / $10 Members / $5 Students

The Art Institute of Chicago, Fullerton Hall
111 S. Michigan Ave.
Chicago, IL 60603

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Ópera de las misiones jesuíticas

Opera from the Jesuit Missions

Scene 1, Saint Ignatus, Arioso

Scene 2, Messenger 1 and Saint Ignatius

Scene 3, Messenger 2, Messenger 1, and Saint Ignatius

Scene 4, Demonio, Saint Ignatius, and Messenger 1

Scene 5, Messenger 1 and Demonio

Scene 6, Saint Ignatius, Demonio, Messenger 1, and Messenger 2

Scene 7, Saint Ignatius and Messenger 2

Scene 8, Saint Francis Xavier and Saint Ignatius

Scene 9, Saint Francis Xavier and Saint Ignatius

 San Ignacio: Ópera de las misiones jesuíticas – Edition by Piotr Nawrot

This program is part of the Art Institute of Chicago’s Doctrine and Devotion: Art of the Religious Orders in the Spanish Andes

Exhibit Info:

Piotr Nawrot
Deep in the Bolivian jungle—after questioning him for hours to make sure he could be trusted—elders of the Moxo and Chiquito Indian tribes revealed to musicologist Fr. Piotr Nawrot, SVD, hundreds of centuries-old, Baroque-music manuscripts, many of which had been created by their ancestors. What they revealed to him was stunning. Hundreds of manuscripts—chants, masses, hymns, operas with texts in Indian languages, and more—all of which had made an incredible journey through time, dating back to the 17th and 18th centuries, when Jesuit missionaries wrote it as a means of conversion. The missionaries encouraged the Native Americans to create their own music, written in their own language and performed on their own handcrafted instruments, including violins. Compared to the solemn and contemplative “Spanish Cathedral” Baroque music of the time, this is bright and joyful. It is not simply Baroque; it is “Mission Baroque,” according to Fr. Nawrot.

Emanuele Andrizzi
Educated in the rich musical tradition of the Rome’s Conservatory as a conductor, composer, and pianist, Emanuele Andrizzi has become a versatile musicians with a vast experience in the symphonic and operatic repertoires and a passion for the many areas of the musical arts. In the past several years, he has conducted at the Lyric Opera of Chicago, San Diego Opera, Chicago Opera Theater, Orchestra della Città di Ravenna, Chicago Philharmonic, Scalt Creek Ballet, and New Philharmonic, among others. An active teacher and performer, Andrizzi has worked since August 2013 as the Conductor and Head of the Orchestra Program at the prestigious Chicago College of Performing Arts at Roosevelt University. Andrizzi was the conductor of the Illinois All-State Orchestra in 2016. He is also a recipient of the Honorable Mention award at the International Competition for Conductors of Contemporary Music “4X4 Prize” and a winner of the “P. Barrasso” International Competition for Chamber Music.

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